Thursday, 28 July 2011

27 dresses

This week has become spontaneously wedding themed. First off my best friend got engaged (hello bridesmaid duties) and then my other best friend had a nervous break-down over a wedding outfit needed for next Sunday. Naturally she came to me in her state of desperation as her fashion woes are usually resolved with a healthy dosage of my wardrobe.

I was a bridesmaid last month for another friend and had THE best time, although i am a total baby and found the whole thing slightly very emotional. Not sure if this was down to how beautiful the whole day was (regardless of the rain) or because i came to terms with the fact that i am NEVER going to get married! Either way, cue posey shot. Et voila...

Bridesmaid Hannah, bridesmaid me, cousin Nataly and bridesmaid Em

With all these bridesmaid situations i keep finding myself in, my 'other' best friend (the one having the dress nightmare) compared me to the lovely, yet unlucky in general life, Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses. So, as a homage to that terrible movie (i secretly love it) and because my friend was so rubbish at finding a suitable wedding guest dress, i have compiled 27 fine contenders. Avery this ones for you!

All of these babies are between £20-£80 and can be found on the Great British high street! (Let me know if you'd like info on where you can purchase anything featured, and I'll try to remember the exact shop).

Personally, i probably wouldn't wear every single one of these but i wanted to show the range of occasion wear that's currently out there... Mainly to prove my useless friend wrong.

Anybody else got any weddings or special occasions coming up? I'd very much like to see your outfits of choice!


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  1. so many dresses to choose from, there are some lovely ones there xx