Thursday, 16 February 2012

a LUSH little leap frog

Being Valentines week and all, I thought I'd treat myself to this little green fella from LUSH. 
I spotted the Leap Frog Bath Bomb in the Brighton store a few weeks ago and watched one of the lovely LUSH chaps carry out a little demo in the shop. I told him I'd come back and buy one after lunch, but I totally forgot and ended up buying mine from my local store in Bournemouth. I brought my mum her own little froggie too as I thought he'd be right up her street, and I was right, she loved her new amphibian friend. 

The best thing about the Leap Frog is the smell, good lord, it's lovely. The blend of jasmine, sandalwood and rose is just mmmmm, yummy. It's a fresh, classy, perfumey kind of smell which I appreciated because, although I love LUSH, some of their bits are tres wiffy. The scent reminded of Chance by Chanel. 

The next best thing about the bath bomb is the wonderful colour it turns your bath water. The luminous lagoon of green was very enticing, I almost wanted to jump in as soon as I dunked my froggie in, but I held off until he had fizzed away. When the fizzing had finished I was left with my Prince, granted he was just a small piece of paper and not a legit full grown Prince Charming, but the surprise really impressed my mum (I already knew what would be inside from the in store demo). 

After my long soak (long because I couldn't bring myself to leave the delicious smell) I was left feeling fresh and lovely. The gorgeous scent seems to have stuck to me which is nice... I keep sniffing my arm. 
That clever lot at LUSH have actually made a limited edition perfume of the Leap Frog fragrance which I may have to invest in. I'll be sure to get a sample of it next time I'm in the shop to see how close it is to the bath bomb scent. 

I'd give the Leap Frog Bath Bomb a score of 8.5/10. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that my skin felt a little dried out after... but I can live with that. 


Monday, 10 October 2011

liberty loves hello kitty

Firstly, I can't believe it has taken me nearly 2 weeks to write about the most exciting partnership to hit the scene since Ant and Dec! I am ashamed.

FINALLY us 'grown ups' have a valid reason to squeal in delight at the sight of every little girls favourite feline- Hello Kitty, and its all thanks to the clever people at Liberty. YES, London's emporium of design wonder has joined forces with Hello Kitty to create a range of gorgeous girlyness, and the best part is... you don't have to be under 10 to enjoy it! Hooray!

From yummy bath treats to pretty stationary, there is something for everyone. Here are a few faves of mine...

Bath Time Toiletry Bag £18
Kitty Wonderland Cosmetics Bag £16

Apple Tree Jewellery Box £18

Hello Hands Hand Wash Set £10

Happy Holidays Travel Set £12

SO CUTE! You can view the full range here. Lots of bits have sold out already on the Liberty website but fear not, the collection is available at Boots too! The Boots website states that all stock is due in October so I shall be keeping my beady eyes peeled. Oh, and it will all be in the 3 for 2 offer! Brilliant for Christmas pressies!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

a little birthday wish list

So it's my birthday in 2 weeks and I'm getting all excited and ahead of myself. I've been all sicky and ill lately and I'm still off work at the moment so I'm literally keeping my fingers, toes, ears and everything else crossed that I will be well enough to celebrate in style.
I haven't planned a great deal of birthday shenanigans, just a nice lunch out with the fam and drinks with friends. A few days after my birthday, me and the boy are planning a little trip away to Brighton and I'm peeing my pants about it because I haven't been since May. I'm certainly due a good rummage around the boutiques and vintage shops of the North Laine! We'll probably visit Komedia in the evening because it's just BRILLIANT. Exciting!

I've decided to put together one of these slightly annoying wish lists. Mainly because I can't think of much I want this year so a lot of these bits are little and quirky and hard to list to people, but also because I'm dead bored of daytime telly.

Feast your eyes...

Apparently I have a fascination with soft furnishings and brooches at the moment, just to confirm, I'm turning 23 not 70! 
This little selection of goodies are things I've seen which have made me think, 'ooh I best not buy this for myself, birthday soon and all that'. Hopefully they will prove to be inspiration for my nearest and dearest.
I'd just like to mention, there are a mammoth number of clothing items I've got my beady eye on at the moment too, but that's another post for another day (probably when I've got about 10 hours to spare) Also, I'm one of those types that prefers pressies to clothes and vouchers... it's far more fun that way :)


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Cath Kidston freebies!

If there's one thing I love more than a bargain, it's a FREEBIE! And if there's one thing I love more than a regular freebie, it's a freebie from Miss Cath Kidston! Hoorah!

THIS WEEKEND Cath Kidston has teamed up with The Telegraph to offer readers TWO brilliant booklets full of step-by-step instructions and templates on how to make her iconic gifts and accessories for the home!

The first booklet, available Saturday 8th October, focuses on gift-making ideas and includes a selection of projects from handmade cards to iPod cases!
The second booklet, available Sunday 9th October, reveals a range of inspirational ideas for injecting a bit of personality and colour into your home.

What perfect timing for Christmas pressies! A few weeks ago I decided I was going to create a homemade Christmas this year. I really need to tighten the old purse strings and I absolutely love receiving pressies that have been made with pure TLC (and I'm hoping everyone I know will feel the same!) I won't lie, I have gone off the idea recently because I am utterly rubbish at sewing and I'm dead lazy busy, but I feel these handy little books could rekindle my creative flare!

I will definitely be trotting down to the village newsagents first thing Saturday and Sunday morning to bag my booklets!... Stay tuned to see my makes.

Cheers Cath!


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

models own 50% SALE!

So, remember i blogged a little while ago about a possible Models Own 50% sale, which would be taking place once they hit 50,000 fans on Facebook? Well, they only ruddy went and done it didn't they!


Unfortunately all was not plain sailing. I don't think MO were prepared for this level of hype on their website which lead to them suspending the sale by a couple of days while they installed new servers and other fancy techno mumbo jumbo. Apparently, said servers did not suffice as the website crashed allllll day and basically pissed off a lot of people. However, i can't stress enough how amazing MO have been throughout the whole frustrating process! Honestly, they were absolute legends. My order crashed at the last minute so i contacted them via Facebook and they personally checked that everything had gone through and made the necessary confirmation. What perfect customer service!
They have also been replenishing their stock levels relentlessly throughout the day so the majority of people don't have to miss out on the bits and pieces they wanted, amazing!

I didn't go too mad on my spending spree because times are hard (sob) but here's what i ordered...

You can still take advantage of the sale by liking the Models Own Facebook page. This will then grant you access to the discount code which you will need to enter at the checkout to get your 50% off. Oh, and if you spend over £25 you get free delivery too! Go now!!


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

keep calm and listen to gallows

I feel it would be completely inappropriate of me to write about anything without mentioning the horrifying turmoil London has found itself in due to thieving malicious thugs. These 'people' are nothing but bullies on a power trip and i truly hope what the PM says is true, and they will be hit with the full force of the law. This behaviour can not be justified in any light, and i genuinely feel sick knowing that i am from the same country as the scum bags who are ruining the lives of innocent members of their own communities. 

I urge everybody with a twitter account to follow their local authority as they will confirm any suspicions or concerns you may have about your safety and the area you live in. I've noticed today that twitter has become a mass of rumours and allegations which just aren't true, so take everything with a pinch of salt unless the police in your area say otherwise.


I've found it quite fitting to listen to the 'Grey Britain' album by Gallows today. The lyrics make sense more now than ever. I'm so excited about the news of former Alexisonfire guitarist Wade Macneil becomming Gallows' new front man. I'll admit, when i found out Frank Carter was leaving the band three hours before i saw them live at this years sonisphere festival, i was utterly gutted (to the point of hurling abuse at him when he came out on stage). I'm a little bit more okay with it now because I'm genuinely stoked to hear what Frank's new band, Pure Love has to offer, and i can't wait to hear Wade's take on the Gallows trademark raw sound.
I was lucky enough to see Gallows at a local venue a few days before Sonisphere with only 99 other people. I'm so glad that the second to last time i saw Frank as the frontman was at such a personal gig, i shall never forget that one!

I listened to Alexisonfire constantly throughout my teenage years and always regarded them as my favourite band before Gallows hit the scene. Now i have the best of both worlds. Whoever would have thought things would turn out this way.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

models own 50% sale!?!

Think of this as a plea. I urge you to tell all your friends about how wonderful Models Own products are so i can go nuts on their website without denting my bank account too badly. Anyone who knows me will totally understand how exciting this news is for me as i am utterly obsessed with Models Own nail varnish. Please help a sister out and let me have a bargain splurge. Just go and like the Models Own facebook page and when they get to 50,000 fans they will have a 50% sale on line! Waaaaaaaaa, SO EXCITING!