Thursday, 28 July 2011

27 dresses

This week has become spontaneously wedding themed. First off my best friend got engaged (hello bridesmaid duties) and then my other best friend had a nervous break-down over a wedding outfit needed for next Sunday. Naturally she came to me in her state of desperation as her fashion woes are usually resolved with a healthy dosage of my wardrobe.

I was a bridesmaid last month for another friend and had THE best time, although i am a total baby and found the whole thing slightly very emotional. Not sure if this was down to how beautiful the whole day was (regardless of the rain) or because i came to terms with the fact that i am NEVER going to get married! Either way, cue posey shot. Et voila...

Bridesmaid Hannah, bridesmaid me, cousin Nataly and bridesmaid Em

With all these bridesmaid situations i keep finding myself in, my 'other' best friend (the one having the dress nightmare) compared me to the lovely, yet unlucky in general life, Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses. So, as a homage to that terrible movie (i secretly love it) and because my friend was so rubbish at finding a suitable wedding guest dress, i have compiled 27 fine contenders. Avery this ones for you!

All of these babies are between £20-£80 and can be found on the Great British high street! (Let me know if you'd like info on where you can purchase anything featured, and I'll try to remember the exact shop).

Personally, i probably wouldn't wear every single one of these but i wanted to show the range of occasion wear that's currently out there... Mainly to prove my useless friend wrong.

Anybody else got any weddings or special occasions coming up? I'd very much like to see your outfits of choice!


Saturday, 23 July 2011

we wish you a merry July

So I've been feeling all warm and festive this week, not too sure what's come over me. I almost watched Elf tonight but talked myself out of doing so. The weather has just been so crap and I've had a cold which has left me feeling all cosy and wintry. This was the view from my shop yesterday, Brrr!

Okay, so the picture doesn't do the rain justice, but it was pretty epic.

Anyway all this wind/rain/general dullness has got me excited for warm clothes. I have always preferred autumn/winter wear to that of spring/summer, don't know why. It probably has something to do with the fact that i am a 22 year old grandma who makes being cosy my main priority in life.

The postman delivered me h&m's autumn catalogue just in time to make this disgusting weather slightly more bearable with the promise of some delicious looking cold weather wear. I had a good browse and have spotted a few things which i will be keeping a look out for in store. Here's what took my fancy.

Yum! Lots of goldy, burgundy, floaty, cosy, yumminess. Anybody else got their eye on autumnal delights already? Or is it just me being hugely premature... Haha.


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

artist crush - gemma correll

I've loved the work of artist and illustrator Gemma Correll for a while now. Not only is she a ridiculously talented little lady, she is also totally obsessed with pugs just like moi!
Here are some of my favourite bits by Miss Correll, check out her blog, website and flickr for more little delights.

Gemma in action

With her adorable pug Mr (Norman) Pickles

There are some wonderful things to buy in the shop on Gemma Correll's website including these brooches which i am very much in love with. 


Monday, 18 July 2011

the great leggings debate

Last week i had what can only be described as a leggings revelation.

There i was frantically packing for sonisphere festival, (for some reason i left everything until the last minute this year which is very unlike me) when i faced the fact that i would have to sew together the remains of several old pairs of leggings to make a sturdy new pair for the weekend. Then, my saint of a mother suggested i nip 5 minutes down the road to Sainsburys because TU had a sale on and their leggings looked 'nice'. In a slight state of desperation (and because i wanted to buy some sweets for the journey) I took mothers advice and ended up purchasing the new loves of my life, hoorah!

These lycra lovelies cost me £10, that's £5 a pair! And they are just perfect! I dread to think how much I've spent on damn leggings in the past, I've owned just about every pair on the market and have had an on going legging debate with the girls forever.

I thought I'd put together this mini review of some of the brands I've tried in a bid to destroy any legging woes that are still out there...

So, starting off with New Look:

These babies cost £7.99, not a bad price but no, just no. Not only are New Look's leggings ridiculously seamy (it literally bulges) they are the most transparent of all. Seriously, you'd get more coverage from snipping the feet off your 40 den' opaques.

Next up is River Island:

Now, i don't know if it's just me, but i struggle to find a pair of leggings in RI that aren't high waisted. Yes the added support of a high waist is appreciated from time to time, but a girls got to breathe! These tummy tucking bad boys will set you back £9.99- again, not a bad price, but RI leggings are another culprit when it comes to flashing a little too much on the goodie front. You can even see the transparency of these in this photo taken from their website- probably not the best selling point.

Here's an old fave, Topshop:

I have always sworn by Topshop's leggings and if I hadn't been in such a rush last week I probably would have purchased new ones from my trusty high street faves. At £12.00 a pair, Topshop aren't great competitors in the value for money game but they do know their leg wear. I fully appreciate the petite option for pint sized lasses like me and have always found them to be relatively hard wearing...ish. They do go a bit misshapen after a while but they don't go see through and flash your polka dot pants when your dress is just a little bit too short for

And H&M:

H&M's leggings cost £6.99 and are long, so so so long. I fully appreciate that at 5.2" i may have to tuck things under a little bit, I've come to terms with this, but these had to be tucked half way up my calves! I actually asked a member of staff in H&M once if their leggings came in different lengths, she sent me in the direction of what she referred to as the 'petite selection' where i found knee length leggings that were similar to something you might see Lance Armstrong rocking in the tour de France.

Lastly, American Apparel:
Before i started saving for a new car/flat/pug etc i decided to do something crazy and spend £24.00 on leggings, yes i know *slaps wrist* I learnt my lesson the hard way and should have read the online reviews before i purchased. Everybody really slates AA's leggings and to be fair they're not that bad. I mean, yes they did go insanely bobbley after one little wash, and grew air vents in areas one does not need air vents... but i did have thirty colours to choose from!

So that's my little homage to the leggings i have tried and tested over the years. I urge you to get a pair of Sainsburys TU leggings, you can buy them individually as well so if you don't want to take the plunge and be lumbered with two pairs you don't have to.

I'd love to hear other peoples opinions on the leggings matter as if there are a pair out there which can better my new TU loves, i need to know about it!


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cath Kidston does it again

This week I was lucky enough to sneak a peek at Cath Kidston's full A/W'11 collection thanks to my lovely local stockist. I spent a good twenty minutes on her shop floor browsing through the catalogue of delicious new delights, getting far too excited about bath towels, tea pots and cake tins (I'm moving out soon!)
When I got home I had a bit of a rummage on the Internet to see if I could find some pictures of the new bits and noticed that a few things are available to buy online now. Here are some of my faves...


Country rose and placement spot tea towels £12.00

Set of 4 coffee bean spoons £10.00 (love!)

Mini dot handbag £55.00

British birds day bag £48.00

I absolutely love the new style of the Mini dot handbag, I'm so glad the clever people at Cath Kidston have finally designed a bag which will actually sit on ones shoulder- short straps are a pet hate of mine.
The new British birds print is beautiful, it's probably my favourite print of the whole collection, I can't remember if I saw this print in the style of the mini dot handbag though. Guess I'll have to wait until the rest of the new range hits the shops! I would go back and pester my local source of all things Cath Kidston but I fear she may place a restraining order on me.
There was also a lovely little Stanley dog door stop which came in black or red but I can't find a picture of it, it's so cute though, definitely one to keep a look out for!

Overall I haven't come across anything in the A/W collection that I don't like. All I can say is thank goodness I have an Autumn birthday or my bank balance would be getting a right good hiding :)


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

a new start

So, this is the beginning of a new blog. One that i promise i will stick to. In the past I've written about shit that nobody in their right mind would bother reading and although i don't hold out much hope for this one, i actually have a lot more going on in my life now, stuff that may warrant documentation.

This blog will be a space for me to deliver all the brilliant pointless thoughts and opinions that flutter around in my fat head.


or not, whatever.