Tuesday, 2 August 2011

models own 50% sale!?!

Think of this as a plea. I urge you to tell all your friends about how wonderful Models Own products are so i can go nuts on their website without denting my bank account too badly. Anyone who knows me will totally understand how exciting this news is for me as i am utterly obsessed with Models Own nail varnish. Please help a sister out and let me have a bargain splurge. Just go and like the Models Own facebook page and when they get to 50,000 fans they will have a 50% sale on line! Waaaaaaaaa, SO EXCITING!



  1. That's an impressive Models Own collection! I do love their nail varnishes, such a good range of colours xx

  2. I haven't bought any models own polishes but when the sale is on i'm definitely going to pick up some. Any suggestions?