Thursday, 16 February 2012

a LUSH little leap frog

Being Valentines week and all, I thought I'd treat myself to this little green fella from LUSH. 
I spotted the Leap Frog Bath Bomb in the Brighton store a few weeks ago and watched one of the lovely LUSH chaps carry out a little demo in the shop. I told him I'd come back and buy one after lunch, but I totally forgot and ended up buying mine from my local store in Bournemouth. I brought my mum her own little froggie too as I thought he'd be right up her street, and I was right, she loved her new amphibian friend. 

The best thing about the Leap Frog is the smell, good lord, it's lovely. The blend of jasmine, sandalwood and rose is just mmmmm, yummy. It's a fresh, classy, perfumey kind of smell which I appreciated because, although I love LUSH, some of their bits are tres wiffy. The scent reminded of Chance by Chanel. 

The next best thing about the bath bomb is the wonderful colour it turns your bath water. The luminous lagoon of green was very enticing, I almost wanted to jump in as soon as I dunked my froggie in, but I held off until he had fizzed away. When the fizzing had finished I was left with my Prince, granted he was just a small piece of paper and not a legit full grown Prince Charming, but the surprise really impressed my mum (I already knew what would be inside from the in store demo). 

After my long soak (long because I couldn't bring myself to leave the delicious smell) I was left feeling fresh and lovely. The gorgeous scent seems to have stuck to me which is nice... I keep sniffing my arm. 
That clever lot at LUSH have actually made a limited edition perfume of the Leap Frog fragrance which I may have to invest in. I'll be sure to get a sample of it next time I'm in the shop to see how close it is to the bath bomb scent. 

I'd give the Leap Frog Bath Bomb a score of 8.5/10. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that my skin felt a little dried out after... but I can live with that. 



  1. I love lush bath bombs, i hadnt seen these before, theyre so cute! such a great idea!
    I usually get the ones with all the petals, and end up having to spend ages cleaning them all off the sides of the bath!

  2. wow you're doing so many lovely activities...keep up the good work dear <3