Tuesday, 9 August 2011

keep calm and listen to gallows

I feel it would be completely inappropriate of me to write about anything without mentioning the horrifying turmoil London has found itself in due to thieving malicious thugs. These 'people' are nothing but bullies on a power trip and i truly hope what the PM says is true, and they will be hit with the full force of the law. This behaviour can not be justified in any light, and i genuinely feel sick knowing that i am from the same country as the scum bags who are ruining the lives of innocent members of their own communities. 

I urge everybody with a twitter account to follow their local authority as they will confirm any suspicions or concerns you may have about your safety and the area you live in. I've noticed today that twitter has become a mass of rumours and allegations which just aren't true, so take everything with a pinch of salt unless the police in your area say otherwise.


I've found it quite fitting to listen to the 'Grey Britain' album by Gallows today. The lyrics make sense more now than ever. I'm so excited about the news of former Alexisonfire guitarist Wade Macneil becomming Gallows' new front man. I'll admit, when i found out Frank Carter was leaving the band three hours before i saw them live at this years sonisphere festival, i was utterly gutted (to the point of hurling abuse at him when he came out on stage). I'm a little bit more okay with it now because I'm genuinely stoked to hear what Frank's new band, Pure Love has to offer, and i can't wait to hear Wade's take on the Gallows trademark raw sound.
I was lucky enough to see Gallows at a local venue a few days before Sonisphere with only 99 other people. I'm so glad that the second to last time i saw Frank as the frontman was at such a personal gig, i shall never forget that one!

I listened to Alexisonfire constantly throughout my teenage years and always regarded them as my favourite band before Gallows hit the scene. Now i have the best of both worlds. Whoever would have thought things would turn out this way.


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